Who is TAMBRA?

Prior to launching TAMBRA, I spent over two decades in lifestyle marketing, as the founder and CEO of my PR firm in New York City.  I am also very active in the performing and creative arts. In 2018, after successfully launching a holistic wellness company, I stepped away from agency life, and focused solely on my passion for helping people connect more deeply to themselves through a more mindful, eco-conscious lifestyle.

My own personal journey of growth and transformation had inspired me to spread joy, facilitate healing and ignite transformation for others. 

When I did the work to embrace my own healing - as hard as that was - everything changed in powerful and truly profound ways for me. Starting with showing up in the world as my authentic self - as TAMBRA, despite how challenging that felt!

Let’s dissect this even further.

First - TAMBRA - the name given to me at birth and one that I fought hard to hide from my entire life… until I was in my 40s! I needed to change that part of my story and embrace all parts of myself in order to show up as a whole human being.

As I dug deeper, I learned that TAMBRA is a female name of American origin that means Palm Tree. It is also the derivative of the name Tamara, a Zulu name meaning “Goddess of The Rising Moon.”  That resonated with me! Particularly since palm trees are known for their strength and resilience.

I am TAMBRA McCarthy, a heart-centered entrepreneur, mindfulness mentor, and creative soul who finds meaning and purpose in building community, creating dynamic events and joyful experiences that highlight the interconnectedness of people and planet. 

To fulfill that mission, I’ve created TAMBRA, a modern collective from my heart that takes transformative experiences, modern wellness, intentional living, and curated high-vibe goods to the next level. 

At TAMBRA, our mission is to ignite joy, upliftment and rejuvenation in the lives of our community members all around the globe. Your wellbeing and wholeness is important for the health of the collective world we share.

Welcome to the TAMBRA Collective. I am so happy you are here. Jump in and see what we're all about. Let's mingle amongst the palm trees, shall we? xx 

Where Eco-Chic Meets Modern Wellness & Adventure

The TAMBRA Collective


A highly curated and elevated platform:

  • Transformational Rituals and Experiences To Spark Joy, Fun and Authenticity
  • Spiritual Skincare for inner beauty that radiates outward
  • Ethical Fashion for the eco-conscious fashionista
  • Mindful Magic for creating bliss and balance in the everyday


  • Reducing stress
  • Alleviating anxiety or depression
  • Building self awareness
  • Developing emotional regulation skills
  • Growing in self-compassion
  • Feeling more present and connected to self 
  • and others
  • Achieving peak performance
  • Growing in mental, emotional, and spiritual health
  • An overall feeling of peace and inner calm.

Joy & Transformation

Our rituals and experiences invite you into a community of like-minded souls seeking the joy and fun that comes with authentic transformation. Let's vibrate higher together!