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The Collective: in partnership with our worldwide and local, heart-centered healers, practitioners, artists and makers, we honor the ingenuity and sincerity of our local and global communities. Prioritizing your wellness, wholeness and happiness, TAMBRA is dedicated to providing experiences of deep integrity, transparency, healing and joy. 

Yoga, Breath + Sound

Billy Pinkerton

Billy is based in Newport Beach, CA and will be joining us for our Costa Rica Restorative Retreat Experience.

Billy states:

My experience as a yoga teacher, breathworker, and sound practitioner gives me a unique perspective on how to make these practices relatable and experiential.  I have been practicing yoga since 2013 and have been teaching vinyasa, gentle and restorative yoga since 2017.  

Sound plays a crucial role in a more meditative practice as the combination of yoga and sound makes it easier to relax the mind and find comfort in stillness.  I work with instruments like the gong, handpan, didgeridoo, tuning forks, bowls, and mantras to evoke new sensations, mental experiences, and relaxation.

Yogic breathing practices play a powerful role in my life and over the last few years, I have dedicated myself to mastering my breath.  As a didgeridoo player, I can feel the transformative power of proper breathing and pranayama.  Breathwork has a way of bypassing the mind and connecting me directly to my source.

I have spent 6 months working with an authorized Buddhist meditation teacher, Cayce Howe and I’ve practiced at Karme Choling, a Shambala Meditation Center in Vermont.  I love sharing the practices of Sound, Yoga, and Breathwork.  My goal is to mix the three together so that a powerful personal practice can be born.   


Yoga + Movement

Francesa Bove

Francesca Bove is a "teacher of teachers" and Co-Founder of Viale Yoga in Bedford Hills, NY. She finds inspiration in a practice that emphasizes structure and boundaries with the infinite possibility of freedom + movement and discovery for all.

Grateful always for the magical lessons of her teacher, Nevine Michaan at Katonah Yoga, Elian Zach and David Shemesh, with whom she co-created the Woom Center Yoga Method, and the inspiring Rima Rabbath of Viale's "cousin” studio, Souk in NYC.After recent residences in Italy and Brooklyn, Francesca now lives in Northern Westchester.  Along with a weekly schedule at Viale, she leads trainings and workshops in the US, Italy and around the world. 


Biophilia Lifestyle Expert

Iris Rosin

Iris Rosin: A Nature-Inspired Creative Visionary and Biophilic Lifestylist. Based in New York City.

Iris is a trailblazing Biophilic wellness pioneer for 30 years with an affinity for Nature & Biophilic Wellness, on a mission to empower & inspire people to reconnect to Nature to optimize health.

With an intuitive grasp of emerging trends, gift for strategic thinking, Iris is a self-driven creative force. 
Her global mindset & lifelong love affair with nature led her to craft innovative Biophilic wellness solutions fusing the natural world with modern day needs.

Calling NYC home for most of her life, lived in Tel Aviv, LA, Greenwich,CT, Miami. Her global business/personal travels enrich her knowledge & relationships along the way. She is focused on connecting people to nature + wellness for a optimized healthy lifestyle.

Fun note: Biophilia is the innate connection between human beings and other living things, whereas Biophilic Design is how designers play on this idea and bring natural elements into a space to help make it more attractive and resonant with the senses.


Shamanic Healer + Channel

Eve Kerwin

Eve Kerwin, White Buffalo Woman

Based in Stamford, CT

Eve is renowned throughout the country and the world as White Buffalo Woman. Although she remains humble and approachable, Eve carries the same Divine Feminine imprint as Mother Mary, Isis, Eve, and Quan Yin. She is an accomplished Shamanic Healer and Channel, bringing her clients profound messages of inspiration and guidance, working with each individual's spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies.

In 1991, Eve experienced a series of personal challenges, which prompted her inward search. During a period of deep meditation and intense drumming, the divine being White Buffalo Woman made her presence known, and has since guided and orchestrated her inspirational work for the benefit of humanity. In addition, Eve's spiritual gifts enable her to connect to the energies of the Archangels, exalted masters and guides, and at times to the Higher Self or Inner Child of the client.

Eve has also co-written a book - “The Awakening: The Life & Work of Eve Kerwin, White Buffalo Woman” by Eve Kerwin with Ernie Pugliese.


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